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Why Choose Artificial Turf Vaughan?

Better value for money than natural grass

Exceptionally durable

Minimal maintenance required

No watering or mowing your lawn

Allergy and kid-friendly

Good for homes with pets

Looks great all year round

Saves more money in the long run

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Artificial turf, also known as synthetic grass, is made to look and feel like natural grass. It’s crafted from materials like polyethylene or polypropylene and includes a sturdy backing for added support. The blades are designed to closely resemble the vibrant green of real grass.

Used in homes, businesses, sports fields, and parks, artificial turf is popular because it needs little maintenance and stays green all year long, regardless of the weather.

Key benefits of artificial turf include its durability and resistance to UV rays, which helps it stay green and not fade. It’s tough enough to handle lots of foot traffic, making it a great choice in places with extreme weather or where it’s hard to grow natural grass due to poor soil or limited water.

Artificial turf is a practical solution for both beautifying spaces and for functional uses like in sports. It looks fresh and green without the need for regular watering, cutting, or chemical treatments.

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Our Services

Artificial Grass Installation

We install artificial grass for your space with precision and attention to detail to make sure the turf is flawless and long-lasting.

Landscaping Design

As an experienced landscaper in Vaughan, we have decades of expertise in making your landscaping beautiful.

Synthetic Turf Replacement

Is it time to replace your turf? We are here to help every step of the way, from the removal of the old turf to a new installation.

Artificial Turf Repair & Maintenance

We are dedicated to keeping your turf in top condition all year round. We’ll fix damaged turf, ensuring it’s securely installed and maintained.

Our Service Areas

  1. Vaughan
  2. Toronto
  3. Mississauga
  4. Brampton
  5. Markham
  6. Richmond Hill
  7. Oakville
  8. Burlington
  9. Pickering
  10. Ajax
  11. Whitby
  12. Oshawa
  13. and the entire GTA
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Our Process

Step 1: Call us to request a quote one of our team members will give you a rough estimate based on your project type and size.

Step 2: We’ll schedule an on-site visit to give you an accurate quote for your specific project.

Step 3: We’ll schedule an installation date with you on the site, providing all details such as time and duration of the job.

Step 4: Our expert team will arrive on the specified time, and perform the work.

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About Artificial Turf Vaughan

At Artificial Turf Vaughan, we take pride in being your dedicated landscaper and turf provider, committed to transforming spaces with a unique blend of durability, beauty, and affordability.

We’re here to help you transform outdoor and indoor spaces. With years of experience in residential and commercial projects, we understand each client’s unique needs and offer tailored solutions. Whether you’re looking to create a stunning backyard with turf & putting green retreat or a durable, low-maintenance area for your business, our experts guide you every step, ensuring that your vision becomes a reality with the industry standards of service and expertise.

About Us

About Vaughan, Ontario

In Vaughan, more homeowners and businesses are choosing artificial grass for their landscaping needs. It’s a growing trend that speaks to the city’s strong environmental values. This shift towards high-quality synthetic turf is making Vaughan’s green spaces both beautiful and sustainable, showing that you can have lush, low-maintenance lawns without sacrificing eco-friendliness.


Our synthetic grass installation process is professional and thorough. We prepare the ground, ensure proper drainage, and install the turf with precision to enhance the functionality of the settlement of the grass.

Yes, our artificial grass is safe for kids. It’s made from non-toxic materials, eliminating the need for harmful fertilizers and pesticides. Your children can play freely on our turf without you worrying about their safety.

The cost of professional artificial grass installation services varies based on factors like the size of your residential or commercial yard and the type of turf you choose. We offer affordable options that can fit different budgets without compromising on quality.

Absolutely! One of the main benefits of our artificial grass is that it eliminates the need for regular weeding and fertilizing.

Maintaining your artificial grass in Vaughan Ontario is simple. Regularly brush the turf to keep the fibres upright, and rinse it with water to remove dirt and debris. This eliminates the need for extensive tools and reduces maintenance time significantly.

Consider factors such as maintenance, cost, and usage when deciding if artificial turf is right for your backyard.

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